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I’ve had many clients ask me why they shouldn’t use over the counter skin care products. Clients tell me they like to buy over the counter skin care products because they are more convenient to restock and they are more competitively priced. I totally understand but the negatives I’m about to share with you far outweigh these two factors.

Over the Counter Skin Care Products Contain Chemicals

Many over the counter skin care products contain harsh chemicals. Your skin naturally absorbs what you put on it. So, when you put products that contain harsh chemicals on your skin, some of those chemicals are finding their way into your body. Why do that when there is a safer, more effective alternative?

Over the Counter Skin Care Products Can Cause Irritation

In addition to harsh chemicals, many over the counter skin care products contain artificial fragrances, sulfates and parabens. Many of these items also fall into the “harsh chemical” category but they are also known for causing skin irritation. If you are already struggling to achieve a clear complexion, putting something on your face that could potentially cause irritation just doesn’t make sense.

Over the Counter Skin Care Products Will Not Deliver the Same Results

Many over the counter skin care products are made to sit on the surface of the skin. They do not penetrate the upper layer of the skin as professional grade products do. As a result, the impact they will actually have is limited.

Despite the facts I just mentioned above some clients still think I don’t suggest over the counter products because I want to sell my own line.

The truth is, I want you to buy professional grade skin care products because you will get better results! Using professional grade skin care products at home will allow you to continue the progress we make in my studio and help you achieve your skin care goals faster.

I proudly use and recommend Image Skincare which is a cosmeceutical skincare line which provides medical grade skin care. Image Skincare promotes skin health on the cellular level.  Plus, their products do not contain chemical preservatives, parabens, or fillers.

Again, I want you to get the best results from your facial treatments so I will always recommend the products that will work in conjunction with your treatments. We are a team on your skin care journey. We will do our part in the treatment room, but you MUST do your part at home. When you combine a great at-home skin care routine, along with regular visits to see me, we’ll be able to achieve and maintain your skin care goals!