5 Things that Happen When You Don’t Hydrate Your Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, yet, we often forget it needs to be taken care of! Just like the body, you need to hydrate your skin. If you don’t hydrate your skin, especially during the winter months, here are 5 things that can happen.


The effects of not properly hydrating your skin will start off small. You’ll usually see the top layer of skin start to flake off in the form of peeling. This can be easily corrected by applying the proper moisturizer.

Redness and Swelling

If you continue not to hydrate your skin properly, you’ll eventually start to see some more dramatic issues like redness, swelling or blotchiness. When the skin gets to this point it means it is really deprived of the water it needs to thrive. Having skin in this condition will wreak havoc on how your how makeup looks.

Skin Will Quit It’s Job

Your skin’s job is protect the inside of your body. Well if you don’t hydrate your skin, I can assure it’s going to quit its job and stop working as it should! Over time, without the proper hydration your skin will not be able to protect your body from outside irritants as it should. You could see increased inflammation, increased irritation that promote continued redness and other skin imperfections.

Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Sagging, Oh My!

If the skin goes too long without the proper hydration, you can bet it will lead to increased wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and so much more.

Damage Control is Not an Option

You can hydrate your skin properly at any point and with some effort, you should be able to reverse many of these issues with professional guidance. That said, if you let it go for too long, you may cause damage that is irreversible with products.

Tips on Keeping Your Skin Hydrated Especially During the Winter Months

  1. Schedule a Facial – Schedule a facial at Luxe Skin Care and I can help rehydrate your skin. From there I can help you select the proper at-home care regime that is the perfect blend between cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating your skin. We can also talk about the benefits of adding serum to regime, which can really help hydrate skin.
  2. Hydrate While You Sleep – If the heat is on in your home, or your house is just dry for whatever reason, you may benefit from using a humidifier while you sleep. Not only can this benefit your skin, but also your body as a whole.
  3. Drink Your Water and Eat Properly – Getting the correct amount of water and proper nutrition is another important component to keeping your skin hydrated. Products are of course important, but when it comes to skin care you should start from the inside and work your way out!
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