8 Unspoken Rules

8 Unspoken Rules About Working with A Skin Care Pro You Need to Read NOW

If you’re new to professional skin care treatments, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  From understanding what services to book to learning how to care for your skin at home in between appointments, a lot goes in to improving your skin.  On top of that, there is skin studio etiquette that should be acknowledged and observed.  These behaviors, which you might not even realize you’re doing, are probably making your Esti insane AND they can compromise your results.  

Here are 8 unspoken “rules” you should observe when you’re working with a skin care pro on professional skin and waxing treatments.  

  1. Put your phone away. 

    Treatments should be your “me time.”  Being on the phone not only causes your body to be in a position that is not ideal for treatment, but it usually means your arms are in the exact area where I’m trying to work.  Plus, if you’re focused on your phone, you’re probably not fully listening and paying attention to important care instructions.  Stay present and focused by putting your phone away.   

  2. Hands off.

    Facial treatments are meant to clean your face, remove debris and build up.  If your hands are not clean and you’re touching your face during a treatment, you’re basically re-adding what you just paid me to remove.   I pride myself on hygienic treatments and avoid cross contamination on your face and my products at all costs, so please don’t touch your face while I’m working.   

  3. Complete your consent forms.

    Consent forms are very important part of the treatment process.  Completing them in a timey manner, ensures that I have all the information I need to provide safe and effective treatments.  It also helps me avoid reactions due to sensitivities, medications, health conditions, etc.  Having an accurate understanding of your overall health also helps me create realistic expectations on what you can expect from treatment.  Lastly, consent forms are required for my insurance.  Without insurance, I can’t treat you, so please don’t forget to complete your consent forms when they are requested.   

  4. Please keep your eyes and mouth closed. 

    Eyes wide open is a no-no especially when getting brow/lash services and facial treatments. Opening your eyes, looking up while getting waxed, means your lashes can get stuck in the wax. Getting a lash or brow tint, with your eyes open, means the tint can easily get into your eyes and cause irritation. I’ve heard stories about chemical peels getting into the eyes on accident while client was staring at their skin pro. If you’re talking a lot and products could easily get into your mouth as well.  While some products smell good, I can assure you, they don’t taste good. 

  5. Just because you saw it online doesn’t mean it’s good. 

    Please don’t come in and tell me about the Esthetician you saw online.  While I thoroughly appreciate you doing your research and being an informed client, what you saw online might not be the right fit for you.  
    Coming in expecting to have a service done that isn’t provided or in a way that I don’t offer, is not going to be productive for either of us. Hearing I saw Jane Doe Skin guru on Tik Tok do x, y, z treatment or use x, y, z products after a thorough consultation and evaluation of everything can I do that? Is like asking a 5-star chef what canned beefaroni is best. My goal and passion is to get your skin health to its best place. 
    The gurus you are seeing online are speaking to the masses and they are often sponsored by companies to promote their products.  They are not thinking about what’s best for YOU even though they make you feel that way.  You are choosing Luxe for a reason, and that is likely because you want to work with a professional, licensed and knowledgeable skin care professional.  So let me work my magic.  

  6. Leave your past providers in the past.

    I want to hear about your current goals and then I want to talk about how I’M going to help you achieve them.  Chances are you left your old skin care pro for a reason.  If you want to make the most out of working with me, leave how your past provider did things in the past and let me treat you using my knowledge and experience.  

  7. Don’t deviate from our plan. 

    We aren’t running a sprint, it’s more of a marathon. Your treatment plan is designed to keep your skin conditions optimal. Therefore, you may not receive the same treatment modalities and prior treatment if the state of your skin is not appropriate for it. Too dry and sensitive = no chemical peel. I will adjust based on your needs…you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to adjust, especially when you’re at home.  
    You must use your products as directed.  If you don’t you won’t see the full benefits of them and you will hinder your results.   

  8. Ignoring communications.

    A lot of time and thought goes into the communications I send out.  I want to be a resource for you.  I want to share my knowledge with you and help you achieve optimal results.  When clients flat out tell me they don’t open or read communications from me, it’s very frustrating.  Everything I send has a purpose.  Please take a minute to read through the information I send.  

 Trust me, be patient and understand that there is no magic wand or a “once every 6-month treatment” that is going to solve problems it took years to develop, overnight.  Come in for regular treatments, follow your at-home care instructions and observe the unwritten rules I wrote out here and I promise you’ll see a difference in your skin!