New Anti-Aging Services That Will Stop Time

Anti-aging services at Luxe just went to the next level! The Aquasure H2 has arrived and I’ve got a new service called Chic BD Infusion that uses some amazing products. Wait until you hear about what they can do!

Aquasure: The Anti-Aging Powerhouse in Dallas, Texas

The Aquasure can provide 7 benefits with one machine, including:

1. A deep skin cleansing
2. Improved skin elasticity
3. Anti-aging benefits
4. Reduction of wrinkles
5. Skin rejuvenation.
6. White and black head removal
7. Enhanced moisturizing

The Aquasure H2 is a the latest in skin care technology. It is manufactured by one of the most cutting-edge skin care companies in South Korea. All skin care equipment is not created equal and this one is the Mac Daddy of them all!

Hydrogen water helps to brighten and reduce inflammation along with hydradermabrasion with infusion of serums helps deliver great results. Give it a try and see for yourself! Now through November 30, 2018 I’m offering Aquasure services for an introductory rate of $125. That’s a $50 savings!

Chic BD Infusion: Your Solution to Dry Winter Skin

In addition to my new machine, another new service that helps:

• Increase hydration (The perfect service for the winter months when the heat is on and your skin gets dry.)
• Reduce chronic skin inflammation
• Minimize the appearance of fine lines

Chic BD combines nano infusion technology with a CBD Infusion serum* to deliver amazing results. In case you aren’t familiar, nano infusion treatments create tiny channels on your skin’s top layer. This opens up your skin cells and allows your products to be absorbed more efficiently. A nano infusion treatment also helps your products do their job because they are able to get deeper in to the skin and work more effectively.

There’s no downtime and this service is perfect for all skin types. Best results are achieved in a series of 3, 4 weeks apart. I’m really excited about the benefits of this service too, so I’m also offering Chic BD at an introductory rate of $135 (reg. $185) for the month of November!

What should I book first?

Both of my new services will deliver amazing results. If you aren’t sure which to book, give me a call. Based on your current skin condition and what you’re trying to accomplish, I can recommend one over the other!
*The CBD infusion serum used in this service is a 3000mg cbd, moringa seed oil and organic steam distilled plant terpenes blend that contains no THC.

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