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My 4 Most Important Tips for Sun Safety

When you think of July, you’re probably thinking about the 4th !  When I think of July, I think about UV safety month!  While I love me a good 4th of July celebration, the topic of UV safety is very important to me so it’s top of mind this month. By now, most of y’all […]

5 Important Summer Skin Care Tips

Your clothes change by the season and so should your skin care!  In the winter, you need warm clothes to protect your body from the cold.  The same concept is true in the summer for your skin!  Your skin needs different products to protect it during the summer months. Sure, you could continue business as […]

5 Things to Know About Slugging

Slugging is taking social media, especially Tik Tok, by storm.  It’s the big buzz word in the industry right now, but guess what?  Slugging has been around for a LONG time!  If you’ve been a client of mine for a while, it’s likely we’ve already talked about it and you may even be doing it. […]

Luxe Skin Care Programs: Meet Our Clear Skin Program

Luxe Skin Care’s treatment philosophies are based on science, with the education of skin function and how many factors can interfere. Using a holistic 360 wellness approach to help maximize the results you desire with the treatments we provide. There are two skin programs we offer designed to target specific needs, our Acne and Age […]

Ready to improve your skin health this year? Meet Erica.

If you are new here or just skipping by my emails…let me introduce myself and explain how I can help with your skin health. I’m Erica the owner and licensed esthetician behind Luxe Skin Care. How I Got Started After a photography career, I dove into makeup.  After working to hide people’s skin imperfections all […]

8 Unspoken Rules About Working with A Skin Care Pro You Need to Read NOW

If you’re new to professional skin care treatments, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  From understanding what services to book to learning how to care for your skin at home in between appointments, a lot goes in to improving your skin.  On top of that, there is skin studio etiquette that should be acknowledged and observed.  These behaviors, which you might not […]