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Luxe Skin Care Programs: Meet Our Clear Skin Program

Luxe Skin Care’s treatment philosophies are based on science, with the education of skin function and how many factors can interfere. Using a holistic 360 wellness approach to help maximize the results you desire with the treatments we provide. There are two skin programs we offer designed to target specific needs, our Acne and Age […]

Ready to improve your skin health this year? Meet Erica.

If you are new here or just skipping by my emails…let me introduce myself and explain how I can help with your skin health. I’m Erica the owner and licensed esthetician behind Luxe Skin Care. How I Got Started After a photography career, I dove into makeup.  After working to hide people’s skin imperfections all […]

8 Unspoken Rules About Working with A Skin Care Pro You Need to Read NOW

If you’re new to professional skin care treatments, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  From understanding what services to book to learning how to care for your skin at home in between appointments, a lot goes in to improving your skin.  On top of that, there is skin studio etiquette that should be acknowledged and observed.  These behaviors, which you might not […]

Skin Care and Self Care to Get You Through Fall

With summer in our rear view, the kids back in school and winter knocking on our door, it’s a great time to recharge before the holidays with some well-deserved self-care courtesy of Luxe.  Relaxation is just ONE of the benefits to scheduling an appointment.  The greatest benefit to getting on my schedule is gaining access to my pro-aging treatments that can […]

SPF is Your Skin’s Shield

July is UV safety month!  Plus, it’s summer, which means you’re outside enjoying the weather.  If you’ve been my client for any length of time you know I always talk about wearing SPF, but do you really know the reason behind it? SPF is your skin’s shield Most skin cancers are caused by too much […]

Change your diet. Change your skin.

You are what you eat.  It’s an age old cliche that is unfortunately, true.   Many professional Estheticians focus on the products you put ON your skin to combat your skin care concerns, especially acne.   While I fully agree that the products, you’re using are VERY important, there is another component to skin care treatment plans […]