Beautiful Skin Inside Out

Beautiful Skin: From the Inside, Out

Beautiful skin happens by appointment, not by chance.  Preventing and/or improving skin that is experiencing signs of aging is a science.  It takes knowledge, expertise and the right products to make it happen!

The Right Topical Products for Beautiful Skin

Getting the right topical products to improve your skin is way more involved than walking into a drug store and buying an over the counter jar of “miracle cream.” News flash…you’re not going to wake up looking like you’re 18 again!

Finding the right topical products requires working with a trained professional that knows how to evaluate your skin and recommend products to meet your goals.  Sometimes, you’ll need to try a few products before finding the right fit.  And, what about external factors that are leading to your skin problems?  That jar of miracle cream from the drug store isn’t going to help you identify external factors, like the makeup you’re wearing, the foods you’re eating and all the other things that might be contributing to your problem!

Improving Your Skin from the Inside, Out  

Addressing all of the above should be standard practice when you work with a skin care professional.  As my practice has grown, I’ve shifted my focus from standard practices to looking at skin care from a whole body perspective.  On top of the standard stuff, I’m also tackling skin care from the inside, out using an amazing product line called Bend Beauty.

Bend Beauty products are built using science.  This month I’m featuring their anti-aging line of marine collagen products. You can view the product here.  Ingesting marine collagen, also referred to as fish collagen, can have a tremendous impact on your skin.

From anti-aging to promoting healing and growth, the benefits are endless.   Here’s a great article with some details. When you take an oral supplement like these, you’re improving your skin from the inside, out.

The collagen peptides are absorbed in to your bloodstream and delivered to your dermis.  Once they are there, they can help stimulate the production of collagen in your skin.  As we age, collagen production declines.  Enter, fine lines, saggy skin and even dryness.  Collagen helps your skin’s elasticity and ultimately makes it look youthful and healthy.

Making sure your collagen creation system is working is basically a no-brainer. So, let’s talk about how we can get Bend Beauty products into your routine. Schedule a consultation and let’s start tackling your skin care from all angles!  It will give you the best, most long lasting results.