Connecting During COVID

Connecting With You During COVID 

As we continue to pause to flatten the curve, I’ve been working on ways I can keep connecting with you during COVID.  Nothing will be able to replace our time in the studio together. As of now, we are being ordered to remain closed by Governor Abbott until at least May 18th, 2020. However, until we know more, here’s a few ways we can keep in touch.  

Visit my Virtual Treatment Room 

The best way we can connect right now is by you visiting my Visiting Treatment Room! In the works is an exclusive Facebook group that will only be open to my current clients. In the group, I’ll be sharing skin tips, talk about what treatment options you’ll be able to enjoy once I re-open, PLUS I’ll be hosting contests! 

My plan is to use this group to keep connecting with you during COVID so we can make sure the skin care results we achieved before all this happened, stay intact until we’re together again! Watch my Facebook page and your email for details on my “Grand Opening” celebration and for more information. 

Virtual Appointments Are Available 

If you’re looking for more one-on-one information, Virtual Appointments are available.  Clients that are dealing with breakouts or specific skin issues, find these most helpful. While I can’t reach out and touch your skin, I can explain it through the use of video chatting.  Then, we talk about what you’ve been experiencing and we can work on getting a plan in place to start correcting your skin care concern.   

Even if you’re not experiencing an “issue” a virtual appointment can be helpful!  Now that many of us aren’t wearing makeup every day, skin imperfections are front and centerI’ve had a number of people contact me saying they are noticing wrinkles, dark spots and undereye circles.  Dry skin has also been a big complaint.   

During a Virtual Appointment, we can address all these issues and more, which leads me to the next way we can connect….  


Yes, my studio is physically closed, but I can still help you with products! Whether you book a Virtual Appointment so I can help you figure out what you need OR you’re an existing client that needs to replenish your stock, I’m open for product sales.   

Right now, I’m offering free shipping on all orders of $50 or more.   

Shop online now, or contact me to schedule a Virtual Appointment and I’ll help you figure out what you need.   

Join my Email List 

Social media is crowded these days. Between COVID news, parents sharing memes about being stressed about homeschooling to the standard political banter, there is A LOT of info on your feed. So, the best way to avoid missing an update from me is to join my email list. I send about one email per month, unless something special is going on. Otherwise, I promise not to flood your inbox.  

My emails usually include my latest tips, info on treatments, product details and more. Click here to get on the list. 

I Miss You and Appreciate Your Support 

Why am I doing all this? I MISS ALL OF YOU!!! I appreciate how much support you’ve given me and my business while I’ve been closed.  I’m looking forward to a time when I can get back to doing what I love and that’s helping each of you achieve your skin care goals!   

Until ‘Rona is behind us, let’s connect digitally and keep your skin in tip, top shape so you can re-enter the world with blemish free, glowing skin!