drinking more water equals hydrated skin

Skin Care Myths Busted: Drinking More Water Equals Hydrated Skin

Do you think that drinking more water equals hydrated skin? The skin care myth we’re busting today is all about water and how it impacts your skin!

Many times when I tell a client their skin is dry, their immediate response is “I know, I need to drink more water.”

Here’s the deal though, drinking more water DOES NOT automatically mean your skin will be hydrated.  That is just a myth.

But you’ve talked about the importance of drinking water before?

Yes, you’re absolutely correct.  If you’ve followed me or been my client for any length of time you know that I always stress the importance of staying hydrated for healthy skin so let me clarify.

While there is no science to support that drinking more water directly leads to hydrated skin, there is evidence to support an indirect connection between drinking water and the quality of your skin.

The Connection Between Drinking More Water and Your Skin

Drinking water and staying hydrated plays a role in the overall health of your body.  When your body is properly hydrated, it helps everything function better.  From digestion to circulation to absorption and the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, getting adequate water supports all these processes.  When any one of these functions are off whack, skin issues can occur.

So, while there is little scientific evidence to support that drinking more water alone will transform your skin, the fact is that drinking water and staying hydrated is an important part of your overall health, which directly impacts your skin.

Now that you understand the connection, I want to share what happens when your skin gets dehydrated and how to fix it.

Dehydrated Skin

When your skin is dehydrated, you may notice that your imperfections stand out.  Fine lines, wrinkles, even blemishes, will be more apparent.  Your pores may become noticeable, and your skin can become red and/or flakey.  Then, depending on how dry your skin is, you may also notice that your skin loses its “glow” and looks dull.

My Secret to Treat Dry Skin 

As I said, water alone isn’t going to get the job done.  I have found that a combination of products and lifestyle changes are the best way to treat dry skin.


When it comes to products, you need to make sure you are:

  • Using a cleanser that is gentle and won’t strip your skin (you shouldn’t be using anything that contains alcohol!)
  • Incorporating products that are specifically formulated with dry skin in mind.
  • Using products that work to repair your skin’s barrier and hold moisture in like Hydra Restore Serum.
  • Using these products daily and consistently even after your skin improves.

When it comes to lifestyle changes, continue drinking all your water and also:

  • Avoid exposure to dry air, especially during the winter months when you’re exposed to artificial heat sources by using a humidifier.
  • Avoid long hot showers as they can dry the skin.
  • Apply lotion after your shower.
  • Take some time to learn about other ways you can protect your skin and improve it. Here’s a great post to start with.

Unfortunately, it’s not true that drinking more water equals hydrated skin but it is still an important part of maintaining your skin’s overall health.  If you’re noticing your skin is dryer than normal, contact me.  A simple product swap might solve your problem and if it doesn’t, I’m happy to suggest other options.