How to Get the Most Out of Your Sugaring Service

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is one of my most popular services!  In case you aren’t familiar sugaring is a form of hair removal.  Unlike waxing, with a sugaring service, I will remove your hair in the direction that it grows, instead of against it.  By doing this, you are getting a cleaner removal and have less change of experiencing hair breakage.  The other benefit to sugaring is that you don’t need to let your hair grow in as long in order to get good results during removal.

What to do before your sugaring appointment

You should try to schedule an appointment when you can let your hair grow for at least 10 days.  That will give me a reasonable length to work with.  48 hours before your visit, I recommend that you don’t use any lotion, serums or creams including numbing creams as this inhibits the removal of hair. I also suggest you don’t do any tanning, indoor or outdoor, but I’m hoping you’re not doing that any way!  Following these pre-appointment instructions will lay the foundation for a great sugaring service.

At-home care after your sugaring appointment

Many people think that they can just come in, get a sugaring service and they don’t need to think about hair removal until their next appointment.  This is only somewhat true. I’ve just exfoliated your skin and opened your hair follicles so if you want to get the most out of your sugaring service and get good results from future services, I have a set of at-home care instructions you should adhere to.  Not to worry…it’s nothing too crazy!

4 steps to at-home care

  1. Use exfoliation gloves gently and daily in the shower. No loofas, bath puffs. I recommend KAMI MITT.
  2. Use the SUGAR STREAK SILKY LOTION I recommend daily. This will keep your skin hydrated and won’t clog your pores making sugaring less effective. You can use it all over your body if you choose, but if nothing else, use it on the areas we sugared.
  3. Do steps 1 and 2 consistently until your next visit.
  4. Stick to your appointment schedule I recommend for you. Most often every 3-4 weeks. This ensures that we get the most benefits out of your sugaring services.



If you adhere to these at-home care steps, you will see a difference in your next sugaring service.  Your results will gradually improve and you should be free of ingrown hairs.  If you don’t see an improvement, I’ve got some other tricks up my sleeve to help you make the most of your sugaring service, so be sure to let me know how you’re doing!

To schedule a sugaring appointment, click here.

Or, contact me with more questions. 

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