Got questions about hair removal?  We’ve got answers.

Hair removal is one of those topics that clients often have questions about.  In this post we’re going to talk about all things hair removal.  We’re also going to give you the answers to some of our most frequently asked hair removal questions.

Waxing vs. Sugaring

When it comes to hair removal services, I offer two options; waxing or sugaring.  Clients often ask me which is best.  It is really based on personal preference.  I prefer sugaring.  It is more gentle on the skin, not hot like wax, removes hair in direction of growth, which means less breakage.  It is also less painful.  Sugaring is also less messy and doesn’t leave sticky residue on the skin.

With all that in mind, waxing is effective as well.  Many clients prefer sugaring over waxing.  Again, it really boils down to client preference.

Bye, Bye Bumps

Clients will often ask me how they can avoid getting bumps after a hair removal services.  In addition to preparing for your hair removal service the way I recommend, you can also purchase an add-on treatment to help.  I offer a 15 minute treatment called Bye, Bye Bumps that can be done right after a hair removal service.  It works to prevent ingrown hairs and it moisturizes to sooth and hydrate skin.

Click here to read my recommendations on preparing for your hair removal service. 

Hair Removal in Hidden Places

Brazilian waxing and sugaring is one of our most popular hair removal services.  It’s also something I get a lot of questions about!  While this type of hair removal service may be intimidating for first timers, we can guarantee that once you try it, you’ll become a regular.  If you get hooked, be sure to ask about our Brazilian membership option.  I recommend you maintain your Brazilian at least once per month.  My Brazilian Membership program allows you do just that and provides additional incentives for you to come see me on a regular basis

If a Brazilian is not your cup of tea, there are other options, in fact, one of our most frequently asked questions is:

“What is the difference between Bikini, Extended Bikini & Brazilian?

Bikini removes hair outside of panty line extending to crease of thigh, Extended Bikini leaves a strip of hair down the middle and no inner backside, Brazilian removes all hair including inner backside (sometimes clients prefer some hair be left in front or no inner backside done).”

To learn more about all our hair removal services, including pricing and other FAQs, click here.

To learn more about our Brazilian Membership program, click here.

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