Luxe After COVID

How to Luxe After COVID

From a cleaning/sanitation standpoint, COVID hasn’t really changed the way I do business much.  I have ALWAYS been extremely focused on providing the cleanest environment possible for clients.  I’ve always paid careful attention to cleaning and sanitizing in between clients.  And, I’ve always been hyper vigilant about not seeing clients when they are sick as a means of keeping myself and my other clients, healthy.

That said, I’ve put some additional policies and procedures in place to both comply with state and local regulations, as well as ensure everyone’s safety while visiting me.

Here’s what it looks like to visit Luxe after COVID.

What I’ll be Doing 

Before I see clients each day, I’ll be taking my own temperature and keeping a log to monitor fluctuations.  Once I’m in the studio, I’ll be wearing gloves for all services as usual as well as a mask and face shield during facial appointments while washing my hands frequently.  When you enter, I’ll be the one opening and closing the door so you don’t even need to touch the door handle!  During services, I’m using as many disposable items and implements as I can to further mitigate risk.  This is all in addition to cleaning and sanitizing my suite in between each client and at the end of each day.

What I’ll Need From You

I know you’re anxious to get in and I’m anxious to see you!  However, before you come in there are a number of things I’m going to need you to do.  First and foremost, if you are sick, have been sick, around someone who has been sick or are even feeling a little off, PLEASE STAY HOME!

Temporarily Waived

I’ve temporarily waived my 24-hour cancellation policy to avoid anyone coming in that is sick but you must call and tell me you aren’t coming.  If you don’t call, you’ll be charged a 100% no show fee.  No-showing prevents me from being able to fill your slot with another client that has been waiting to get in.    


I’ve reopened online booking. It’s a new system, so current clients will need to create a new account, as well as completing Precautionary COVID Liability Release Form online day of your appointment. Please keep in mind, because I need to clean in between each client, I won’t be able to add additional services to your appointment if they aren’t booked ahead of time, so please plan ahead.

When You Arrive


  • Remain in your vehicle and text me that you’ve arrived at 214-960-6686. I will respond when I’m ready for you to come in.
  • Temperature check will be performed with a contactless thermometer when you come in. Clients with fever of 100.4 or higher, will need to reschedule.
  • Don’t bring additional people to your appointment. Only clients with appointments will be allowed into the building.
  • Wear a mask into the building and into the suite. It can be removed during facial services, but will need to be put back on immediately after.  If you don’t have a mask you’ll have to reschedule.
  • Bring just the essentials with you like payment method, cell and essential items.
  • Leave all food and drink in the car.
  • For Pro-Aging Level 1 Facial – please wear a tank top under your shirt to wear during facial as there is no changing for this facial.

Not ready to come in yet?Treatment Room

I realize this is a lot and some of these policies may take the relaxation factor out of visiting my studio.  With that said, if you aren’t ready to come in yet, my virtual services are still available.  In fact, I’ve added a Virtual Treatment Room to be able to help clients that I can’t see in person.  The Virtual Treatment Room is a private Facebook group where I’m sharing tips, product knowledge, and more, plus hosting contests and events!


If you need more one on one services, I can do a virtual consultation with you!  During a virtual consult, we’ll go over your skin care concerns. Once I know more, I can make product recommendations.  My online store is open, so you can order products there and have them shipped directly to your door.  This allows you to continue working on your skin care without coming in until you’re ready!

I’ve missed you!

Whether you’re banging down my door to get on the schedule, or you prefer to take advantage of my virtual services for now, there are a lot of ways to Luxe after COVID.  The most important thing is that you keep up with your skin care in a way that you’re most comfortable and that we all stay healthy!  If you have any questions about the policies or procedures I have in place, my virtual services, or anything happening at Luxe after COVID, contact me.