How to use sunscreen properly

How to Use Sunscreen Properly: 5 SPF Rules You’re Probably Breaking

Sometimes it’s fun to be a rule breaker….but not when it comes to wearing SPF properly!  I have witnessed first-hand as well as heard stories of so many clients that don’t know how to use sunscreen properly.

The story usually starts something like “we spent every day at the pool” or “we just got back from the beach” and ends with “I got a little too much sun.”  I’m amazed at how many of my clients tell me they didn’t apply sunscreen as often as they should or some don’t bother applying at all!

Look, I love the look of tan skin as much as the next girl, but the fact is, there is no such thing as a “healthy tan” so the best thing to do is protect your skin by using SPF properly.

A suntan or burn is UV damage to your skin. With each sunburn or tan, you’re increasing your chances of skin cancer and speed up aging the aging process…que the wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.

Protecting your skin’s health is a concern that should be taken seriously.  So in case you don’t know exactly what that means, here’s my 5 SPF rules you shouldn’t be breaking!

How to Use Sunscreen Properly to Protect Your Skin

  1. Apply SPF BEFORE you are already in the sun. It’s hot, your sweating and SPF will slide right off. Let’s not forget about the wind. If you’re using a spray SPF and it’s windy, it may be blown in another direction and not where you want…I mean, need it.
  2. Reapply! If you are going to be spending some time out in the sun, you should always reapply every two hours for effective protection. If you think that applying once keeps you protected, it’s not true and you will burn. Try setting an alert on your phone to remind yourself to reapply. Without reapplying, it’s like having no sun protection as all.
  3. Remember there is no such thing as a base tan! No matter how much you “prep” your skin by pre tanning, Ahem, damaging your healthy skin cells, you can still burn, cause inflammation and age yourself fast by continuing to expose yourself to the sun without proper protection.
  4. Protect your skin from the inside, out. Eating a healthy diet with real foods and antioxidants, can help support your skin as well as using recommended skin care that also contains antioxidants and SPF.
  5. Avoid peak sun. Try to limit your time in the sun during peak heat/sun times to help reduce the chances of extreme heat, sun and sweating. This will make sure that your SPF is applied to dry skin and isn’t running off you faster, to help reduce the chance of a burn and dehydration (drink plenty of water) Seek shaded areas when your outside for long periods, wear hats to protect your scalp, sunglasses as well.

If you have acne prone skin, here’s another rule, just for you!

If you are acne prone or even find your face sensitive and want to be in the pool during the day, the chlorine in the pool can be irritating, so after you have applied your SPF, apply a thin layer of  Vaseline to protect your skin from being irritated.

While being in the sun for no more than 15 can be beneficial to giving a boost to Vitamin D, anything time longer in the sun, SPF is highly recommended. SPF not only protects your face from UV damage, it helps create a barrier to prevent your skin from losing water that keeps your skin moisturized.

If you are wanting to prevent and or correct wrinkles, dry skin, and irritation and more, your first of defense is to enjoy the sun responsibly.  If you were a sun worshipper in the past and want to start reversing the damage you’ve done to your skin, schedule a consultation with me.  I have some services that might be able to help.  But, if you have a sunburn at the time of your appointment, I can’t do any exfoliating, advanced treatments or hair removal as this can cause adverse outcomes like skin lifting.  It is best to wait until redness and peeling have subsided.

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