They’re here: Korean Facials in Dallas at Luxe Skin Care

Are you excited to have Korean facials in Dallas? I know I am! Korean skin care is taking the world by storm and everyone is asking for it. I have several really great Korean facials that I am excited to offer. If you haven’t heard of Korean facials before, I will explain them a bit here and tell you about two of my favorites!

What is a Korean Facial?

A Korean facial doesn’t start out much different than American facial. Both start with cleansing, toning and steam to open the pores. The difference generally occurs when we get to the exfoliation step and everything that happens after that.

American facials often involve physical exfoliation to help remove dead skin cell build up. Korean facials generally use a product, like an enzyme or chemical exfoliator to do the job! Both methods have their pros and cons but the real standout feature of a Korean facial is the products I use doing the service.

Korean skin care companies are years ahead of what we have here in the United States. They put a lot of time, effort and resources in to developing cutting edge skin care products. As a result, the products they are using deliver amazing results.

Why you should get your Korean Facial at Luxe Skin Care

There are certainly other studios offering Korean facials in Dallas. That said, if you are looking to try a Korean facial I’d encourage you to come to Luxe first. I am working directly with a Korean medical distributor that is sending advance treatments to me before many other people have access to them! So, when you get your Korean Facial at Luxe, you’ll get the best and most effective products available to the American market…FIRST!

Picking Your Korean Facial

Now that you know why you need to try a Korean facial and why you should come to Luxe, let’s figure out which facial you should book. My two favorite right now are the V-Line Magic Therapy Facial and the Milk Therapy Facial.

The V-Line Magic Therapy Facial is going to help improve elasticity and add volume to your skin this will help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and so much more! This treatment combines PDO and Colloidal Gold, to lift, tone and hydrate your skin. PDO thread collagens are absorbed slowly which improves your complexion. Colloidal Gold helps ion action of the skin to make thread collagen penetrate into the skin .
My second favorite Korean facial is the Milk Therapy Facial ! A Milk Therapy Facial can improve pigmented, dull skin. It can also improve rough skin, wrinkles and clogged pores but it is not recommended for someone with severe redness or acne. This facial uses the essential amino acid, tryptophan, found in milk and combines it with the natural brightening agent, niacin (vitamin B3) to rejuvenate your skin.

Ready to book your appointment?

I’m now scheduling appointments for these two Korean facials! If you still aren’t sure which one would be right for you, call the studio and we can talk about what you’re hoping to address, then I can recommend one. If you know what you’d like, book online now or call 214-960-6686!

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