3 Skin Care Resolutions to Make for 2022

New Year, New Habits: 3 Skin Care Resolutions to Make for 2022

Many people make big new year’s resolutions.  You know what I’m talking about.  The friend that resolves she is going to lose 50 lbs by spring.  Or, the coworker who’s sick of their job and resolves to find a new one by January 31st in the name of not spending another year in a job they hate.  While these things are great, they are also really BIG goals.  Unfortunately, many big new year’s resolutions fall of the priority list by February 1st.  Do you know why that is?

It’s usually because the person tried to do too much without a plan for success.

You’re probably wondering what this all has to do with skin care and I’m getting there!

Have a Plan and Start Small

Making big positive changes is something great to work towards, however, as I mentioned above you have to have a plan to get there and you have to be prepared to put in the work! So, this new year I want to encourage you to take a step back and start smaller.  Instead of diving right into your big resolution, start by focusing on making self-care a priority.

The term “self-care” has become somewhat of a buzzword and many people mistake it to mean you should be taking a spa day, a girl’s weekend or something extravagant.  It doesn’t have to be any of that. It simply means setting aside time each day to take care of yourself and one simple way to do that is to focus on your skin care routine.

Here are 3 skin care resolutions to make for 2022.

Skin Care Resolution #1 – Switch Your Mindset

Instead of viewing your skin care regimen as something you have to do every day, switch your mindset to think of your skin care routine as part of your self-care regimen.  Think of it as setting aside time each day to focus on yourself and make your body’s needs a priority.

If your larger goal is to change your eating habits and/or weight loss, prioritizing your body’s needs will be important.

Skin Care Resolution # 2 –   Commit to Consistency

You don’t skip professional teeth cleanings or daily brushing in between dental visits so don’t ignore your skin in between visits to see me!  Create a daily habit of washing, moisturizing and applying the other products I’ve prescribed you, twice per day.   Creating a consistent habit like this is good way to start training your mind to be able to make small sustainable changes over time.  Again, this practice will come in handy if your larger goal is something like weight loss where making small sustainable changes to your lifestyle is critical to success.

Skin Care Resolution #3 – Commit to Regular Visits at Luxe

My skin care therapy programs are designed to educate you on healthy lifestyle factors to improve and address skin concerns, while addressing your skin’s current conditions during your session.  Many of the things we’ll discuss often overlap with other new year’s resolutions.  And, seeing me regularly will hold you accountable for your efforts in between visits.

Bringing It All Together

Prioritizing self-care can help you refocus, recharge and move forward.   Shifting your mindset to see skin care as a form of self-care is a good, easy step towards creating small habits that have a big impact.  If do what I’ve said above, you’ll see an improvement in your skin and your mind will make the connection that making small changes, consistency and prioritizing can result in positive changes.  Then you’ll be ready to move on to tackling those bigger goals.

Goals are achieved when you change your habits and make small changes over time that lead you to your desired end result.    Let me help you get started!  Get on my schedule now.