Peels: 6 myths and truths about chemical peels

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is an advanced skin care treatment that works to resolve a number of skin care issues. It comes in different strengths and blends to suit your specific skin type. A chemical peel can help with fine lines, scarring, acne, and gives a more youthful appearance after the procedure. A chemical peel also helps with blemishes and reduces the pore size. At Luxe Skin Care we believe in a progressive approach, not aggressive, when it comes to chemical peel treatments. There are several myths about chemical peels that keep many people from benefiting from them.

Myth: Chemical Peels Will Hurt

Fact: During the procedure, you may experience a tingling or warmth, but with the milder chemical peels there is rarely pain. Stronger peels, which are performed by the supervision of a doctor, can require sedation and down time. We believe in progressive treatments, not aggressive. There is much more control and yields great results without the fear of “peeling my face off.”

Myth: All Chemical Peels Are the Same

Fact: There are different types of peels. First, the progressive peels that exfoliate over time rather than immediately and need several applications. Mid-depth peels are deeper into the skin and the exfoliating begins a few days after the peel as sunburns do. Deep peels are for those with severe skin problems, such as acne and rough skin, and go deep into the skin with large pieces of peeling of the skin afterwards, or it may become crusty before exfoliating completely. We never suggest a mid-depth peel for your first treatment.

Myth: One Treatment can fix all

Fact: Many times, several applications must take place over several months or years, depending on the skin damage. We can determine the number of needed treatments since everyone’s skin is different. We set up a treatment and homecare plan for you to get the best results for your skin.

Myth: Chemical Peels will Leave Scarring on Your Face

Fact: If you are not following a home care regime at home or pick or expose yourself to the sun, yes, you will have a greater chance of scaring, hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation and scabbing. It is very important to follow the advice given. Besides, if we are trying to get rid of pigmentation caused by the sun, why would you expose yourself without protection again?

Myth: You Can Administer the Peel At Home

Fact: No. Untrained and unlicensed=disaster. Certain peels can cause more adverse reactions if not correct for your skin, or getting them from online sellers. You just don’t know what’s in the bottle, which can cause burning of the skin and injury; a licensed professional should always administer chemical peels.

Myth: Chemical peels Are Very Expensive

Fact: Chemical peels are affordable and effective for everyone. We even offer peel packages to extend savings to you.

Many people fear chemical peels because of the various myths they have heard over the years. The truth is, the peels are highly effective and is a great addition for helping clients with mild to severe skin problems.

To learn more about how a chemical peel can help you achieve your skin care goals, contact me!

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