skin care and self care this fall at Luxe

Skin Care and Self Care to Get You Through Fall

With summer in our rear view, the kids back in school and winter knocking on our door, it’s a great time to recharge before the holidays with some well-deserved self-care courtesy of Luxe.  Relaxation is just ONE of the benefits to scheduling an appointment.  The greatest benefit to getting on my schedule is gaining access to my pro-aging treatments that can help improve your skin and keep it healthy for years to come.  

So, what are we doing this month for skin care and self-care?  Let’s sort it out.  

For September and into remainder of year, I highly recommend you focus on booking services that can address damage done due to sun exposure and/or aging skin of any kind.  To really target these concerns, I recommend treatments like a new to Luxe treatment that is a chemical peel alternative, that wakes up your skin’s cell energy to repair, smooth and brighten and reduce pigmentation.  It’s gentle, safe with little to no downtime. Following your treatment, your skin will begin to rejuvenate itself, revealing smoother, firmer skin!   

Also, other popular services this time of year include Chemical Peels, Enzyme Revision Therapy for aging and facial muscle toning, LED and Oxygen Facial Treatments.  They are all great solutions for aging skin, skin with hyperpigmentation and/or clients over the age of 37 looking to reverse the signs of aging.   

Already in the Pro-Aging Program? 

When you honor your skin by joining Luxe Pro-Aging Program, I assess your skin and customize your treatment and homecare plan to meet your skin care goals.  If you’re already in the program with me, and are ready to ramp up your next self-care sesh, Let’s level up!  So, if you’re in Pro-Aging levels 1-2, schedule a Pro-Aging Level 3 or 4.  Pro-Aging Plans 3 & 4 both include more targeted blended modalities so if you’re already in level 3 or 4, talk with me about what’s going on as your skin is always changing. I can adjust your treatment to include the services you need.   

Let’s Talk Products 

As part of your renewed focus to self and skin care, you should also be looking at your products.  If you’re on a plan with me, you know using a mishmash of random products at home is not an option if you really want to see results.  That said, we even need to adjust the products you’re using from time to time.  So, during your next visit, it’s important to talk about all the products you’re using, how often you’re using them and how much you’re using (remember if some are lasting more than 4 months, you’re not using enough to make a difference).   

If you’re new to Luxe, you should know that I only work with clients that can commit to using the products I recommend at-home.  When I’m only seeing you once or twice a month, the products you use at home become a critical component to the results you can achieve.  If you’re not ready to go all in with an in-studio Pro-Aging Plan and an at-home skin care regime to support it, we might not be the best fit for one another but feel free to reach out and we can talk before you schedule.   

So to wrap up, it’s time to book your self-care session and refocus on your skin this fall!  Get on my schedule now.