Skin Care Products: How to Know If You're Using Enough

Skin Care Products: Here’s How to Know If You’re Using Enough

Do you want to look in the mirror and see blotches, fine lines, wrinkles and…pimples?  I’m guessing you’re shaking your head no right now.  If you’re cool with those things you can stop reading right here.

Glad you’re still with me!  Monthly visits to my studio can greatly improve your skin, especially when you book one of my newly designed facial treatments. (Here’s a link to my new menu that just launched in  January 2019).  I can help you reverse the signs of aging and put an end to breakouts.  BUT, I’m not a miracle worker so YOU need to do your part at home to get the most out of your in-studio treatments.

It Starts With Products

The best ways to keep your momentum going is to use the right products at home.  I talk a lot about this during my treatments and in other blog posts so I’m not going to get in to that too much here.  Let’s just assume you know how important using the right skin care products is and you’re already using them.  Perfect, so you’re good to go, right?  Not so fast.

When it comes to skin care products, buying the right products is just step one.  Step 2 is committing to using them.  And then, you gotta use them right!

To use them right you need to commit to using your skin care products twice per day!  That’s right, morning and night.  While you’re doing that, you need to make sure you’re using the right amount of product with each use.

Using Too Much Product 

The more the merrier?  Maybe at a party, but not when it comes to skin care products.  When you use too much of your skin care products at each use, you just end up spending more on skin care than you need to.  When you’re over spending, costs can add up and then your skin care regime is generally the first thing to go when you need to save a few bucks.

Too much of some products can clog your pores.  If you’re using an exfoliant, using too much can lead to dry, red and flakey skin.  Then what happens when you get dry, red, flakey skin?  You cake on moisturizer to improve it.  You can see what kind of cycle this starts, right?

Not Using Enough Product

Don’t get nervous and pair back your product use too far.  Not using enough product can also have a negative effect on your skin quality.  When it comes to moisturizer, not using enough can also

How much skin care products you should use

lead to dry, red, flakey skin.  When we’re talking about other products like serums and masks, not using enough product can lead to ineffectiveness.

How to Know If You’re Using Enough

Here’s a picture that shows the amount of each product you should be using.  If you’ve had products that are lasting you for 6 months or more, you’re probably not using enough.  If you feel like you’re buying products every few weeks, you may be using too much.  Using your products as directed will keep you on the right path to your skin goals.  If you have questions about how to use your products most effectively at home, ask me!