Improve your skin health

Ready to improve your skin health this year? Meet Erica.

If you are new here or just skipping by my emails…let me introduce myself and explain how I can help with your skin health. I’m Erica the owner and licensed esthetician behind Luxe Skin Care.Erica Owner of Luxe Skin Care Dallas

How I Got Started

After a photography career, I dove into makeup.  After working to hide people’s skin imperfections all the time, I started to develop an interest skin health.  At that point I decided to switch gears and pursue a career in skin care.  I have been a licensed esthetician for almost two decades.  Now, instead of helping people cover up their imperfections, I help them eliminate them and reveal their best, makeup optional skin!

My Passion is Skin Health

My passion is skin health through skin care. I have a strong desire for constant and continued education. In the ever-changing skin care industry, this ensures that I stay informed about the latest treatments, technologies and cutting-edge ingredients. I’m always looking for ways to take what I learn, implement it in my sessions and deliver the best results to you!

Trust the Process

My approach is one that blends clinical and holistic therapies with education on internal and external factors to help you achieve a positive self-image and results you desire.

Your body and it’s surroundings, work together to determine the health of your skin.

  • Internal Factors – Internal factors such as your lifestyle, stress, diet and more can have a tremendous impact on your skin health.  By talking with you and learning more about the internal factors in your life that may be impacting your skin health, I can provide the tools you need to make positive changes, ultimately improving your skin.
  • External Factors – There are many external factors that affect your skin health.  When we dig in to this together, we’ll talk about things like skin tools, skin products, environment and more.
  • Picking Products – Providing skin care products with targeted ingredients that address, sensitive skin issues, acne, pigmentation and aging skin conditions, you’ll find that you don’t need to have a counter full of products with a lengthy routine.
  • In-Studio Treatments – Once we are clear on the internal and external factors that could impact the skin, we can get to work on not only picking the right products, but also doing targeted, effective in-studio treatments.

To learn more about process, read this. 

What to Expect from Me

With extreme dedication to my clients I have gained the credibility, trust and loyalty of clients who chose me for their skin needs.

To me, being a Skin Therapist is an ambassadorship for self-love.

We all deserve to be told we are beautiful, smart and downright worthy because we are.  So whether you’re new to Luxe, new to taking care of your skin all together, or you’ve been a long time client, I can’t wait to see you in my studio this year.  If you’re new here, you’ll quickly see why Dallas loves Luxe!

~ Erica