Stem Cells for Anti-Aging Skin Care

Stem Cell Science: The Secret Weapon in Your Anti-Aging Arsenal

Shhh.  Did you hear that?  The cells inside your body are talking to each other!  I’m not crazy, I’m just kidding!  You’re not going to hear them actually “talking” but they are communicating below your skin’s surface.  And, what they are saying plays a role in your skin’s health and overall appearance.

The Conversation Happening Below Your Skin’s Surface

The conversation happening between your cells is fueled by biological chemicals known as cytokines. Cytokines also include growth factors and chemokines known as “protein messenger molecules.”  These are what your cells use to communicate with each other and decide what biological activities, like aging, will happen.

As we age, there is a natural decline in cell-to-cell communication.  (You may also hear it referred to as loss of cell functionality.) The longer we are living life, the longer we’re also exposing our bodies to environmental aggressors, medications, unhealthy food choices and even UV radiation.  All of these things can contribute to cellular damage, which ultimately prevents your stem cells from behaving and communicating normally.

Plus, as we age, our ability to repair the constant damage we are doing also decreases.  When fewer regenerative stem cells survive to carry on the work of rejuvenating our cells, the process slows down, so less healing and greater levels of inflammation are inevitable.

Loss of cell functionality has an impact on your body as a whole, but it visibly noticeable from a skin care standpoint.

Signs Your Stem Cells Aren’t Communicating Like They Used To

That statement kind of sounds like something you’d read in a Glamour magazine article about marriage counseling.  I can see the headline now, “Signs your Marriage Isn’t What It Used to Be.”  I digress, but just like marriage, there are a few things to keep an eye out for which can indicate your cells aren’t communicating the way they used to.  Your body might be experiencing a loss of cell functionality if your skin is:

  • Thinning
  • Colorless or pale
  • Developing pigmented spots, aka age spots
  • Dry and/or itchy
  • Developing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Experiencing inflammation

How to Reverse this Process

You age, visibly and invisibly, every day.  We can’t completely stop this process from happening, but we can slow it down.   Stem cell science has helped the skin care industry create revolutionary products that work to slow down this process. AnteAGE® System features stem cells and cytokines.  When applied to the skin, products containing these ingredients can help mimic the effect of having more stem cells.

They promote anti-aging while encouraging your cells to start talking and regenerate the skin’s natural healing system.

Growth Factors and Cytokines are powerful tools in your skin health and anti-aging arsenal.  If you’re noticing signs of aging or even experiencing advanced aging, it’s never too late to start using the AnteAGE® System. Combined with my guidance, education and customized advanced treatments your skin will be sure to see a difference.

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