Introducing the Luxe Skin Care Product Line

Luxe Skin Care’s Very Own Product Line Has Arrived!

I’m excited to announce that Luxe Skin Care now has its very own line of skin care products!  These products have been formulated by yours truly and guess what? They are nothing short of amazing if I do say so myself.

In the studio now, I have 3 new products that I will introduce you to in this post.  I’m working hard to perfect a few others.  As soon as they are ready, you’ll be the first to know and I’ll get them in the studio ASAP.

Without further ado, let’s meet the flagship items in the Luxe Skin Care product line!

From the Luxe Skin Care Product Line – CLEANSELuxe Skin Care Product Line - Cleanse

The Luxe Skin Care CLEANSE is the cleanser you need to add to your arsenal.  It’s a gentle PH-balanced antioxidant foaming cleanser that removes makeup, daily dirt and pollution.  Without giving away too many of my secrets, I’ll share that the key ingredients are Taurine, which is an anti-oxidant with moisturizing benefits. It also includes Niacinamide which helps brighten and maintain skin tone. Lastly, it contains Cucumber Extract which is great for soothing your skin.

It’s great for all skin types.

From the Luxe Skin Care Product Line –  Prime Defense + Primer

Luxe Skin Care Product - Line - PrimerThe Luxe Skin Care Prime Defense + Primer is a sheer, non greasy, tinted facial mineral sunscreen.  It contains Broad Spectrum SPF 40 and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.  This helps ensure you’re protected from the harmful, damage causing UVB rays of the sun even if you’re not thinking about applying sunscreen.  It contains micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which provides protection with an elegant feel.

It’s very lightweight with a silky matte finish.  This product is meant for both men and women and it works on all skin types and is acne safe!

From the Luxe Skin Care Product Line –  Protect + RepairLuxe Skin Care Product Line - Protect + Repair

The Luxe Skin Care Protect + Repair is a multi-tasking daily use SPF that helps repair the signs of photodamage while protecting against further UV damage. This Broad Spectrum mineral sunscreen is lightweight, lightly tinted with a velvety feel. It provides long-lasting moisturization and reinforces the skin’s natural protective lipid barrier.

Some of its key ingredients include zinc oxide for gentle broad spectrum mineral sun protection.  Ceramides which helps maintain your skin’s moisture balance.  And lastly, I packed it with antioxidants C & E to reduce the damaging effects of Oxidative Stress.  It’s great for both men and women and is also acne safe!

Why did I create my own line?

You’re probably wondering why I would invest in my own product line when there are so many other great product lines out there.  The truth is, there are some AMAZING product lines available in the esthetics industry and I carry many of them in my studio. Being able to customize ingredients with ingredient knowledge and research to create my products to target the skin’s needs, that provide an effective result without skin irritating ingredients. For now, I plan to continue using them because they each have their place in my practice.

That said, I decided to create the Luxe Skin Care product line to give my clients products they can’t get anywhere else.  I’m formulating the entire Luxe Skin Care product line using my experience in the industry.  I’m using ingredients I know and love and combining them to make the most effective products possible.

Sure there are others doing this, but I’m creating this line with you, my clients, in mind.  I know what your skin needs and I’m creating it.  So, the next time you need to change up your skin care routine, let’s talk about how Luxe Skin Care products fit in to your mix!