The Truth About All Natural Skin Care Products

The Truth About All Natural Skin Care Products

Skin care products are always a hot topic at Luxe Skin Care.  I get asked on the regular, “why can’t I use my skin care from Lush and get skin treatments from you?”  If you want to buy a bath bomb, Lush would be a great place to shop.  BUT, when it comes to natural skin care products you’re simply selling yourself short if you think buying from places like Lush or an MLM can replace professionally recommended products from me.

The Balance Between Skin Care Treatments and Products

And I’m not just saying that so I can sell you products.  There needs to be a delicate balance between the skin care treatments you get in my studio and the products you’re using at home.

You see, my facials just aren’t facials, they’re treatments.  Treatments that in order to work, need to be paired with products that aren’t counterproductive to what we’re trying to achieve.  The skin care products you use also need to contain the right ingredients requires to achieve what you’re trying to accomplish.

Product Knowledge You Can Only Get From a Professional

Sure Lush products look great.  They have cool marketing and they also spit out words designed to grab your attention like “all natural, non-comedogenic and fragrance free.”  Great, right?  Wrong.

There are no rules to regulate these words on the bottles of natural skin care products. So natural products aren’t always great for the skin.  In fact, they can actually cause MORE skin issues. Non-comedogenic, means zilch. I flip over the label and look at the ingredients list.  That’s where you can truly see what ingredients are available to actually help your skin but that’s usually where I uncover a party full of pore clogging ingredients.

I have taken classes on ingredient knowledge and formulations to help decipher ingredient labels.  When I review a label, I’m looking to make sure that there is nothing that can irritate your skin and cause break outs.  I also know what ingredients to look for that will actually improve your skin.

Many over the counter products can contain skin irritating ingredients and a small amount of the good ingredients. They’re made in large batches and most of the companies that produce these products spend their money on pretty packaging and marketing versus the good stuff in the bottle. So, you think you’re getting this really kickass product that’s all natural AND going to fix your skin, but in reality, it’s not doing much of anything and may even be adding to your issues.

Why My Clients Can’t Use Over the Counter Products  

So, here’s how it’s gotta go.  I want to work with you to address your skin care concerns by customizing a treatment plan and getting you on an at-home regime that delivers results. But, I won’t do treatments on clients who won’t agree to use the skin care products I recommend at home.  Using random products from the store can hinder the results you can gain from working with me, cause adverse reactions can happen that slow down our progress.  Quite honestly it’s not a good use of your money.

I’ll compare it to seeing a dietitian to lose weight.  If the dietitian tells you not to eat carbs if you want to lose weight, you’re probably going to stop eating carbs, right?  The same applies to skin care.  You’ve gotta listen to the professionals and trust my process to get the results you want and ditch the products that are derailing your progress!