Trust the Process

Trust the Process: Erica’s Approach to Skin Care

Most people don’t realize that there is no “one size fits all” answer when it comes to skin care. While there are baseline treatment suggestions, how I treat Rosacea for one client might be different from how I treat another. The value of working with a professional Esthetician comes because we take the time to figure out a process that effectively treats skin care concerns. It’s taken me years of experience and education to develop my process and deliver the best results possible. I wanted to share more about my approach to skin care so you understand that there is more to a facial service than meets the eye!

Skin Care Analysis

When a client comes to me with a skin care concern, I don’t just start treating them. First, I learn about their history. This comes from the completed Skin Care Consultation Form. I learn about their health. Then, I learn about what they are currently doing in terms of their own approach to skin care. I then perform a skin analysis to check sensitivity, dehydration, acne type and more. With all of these factors in mind, I develop a treatment plan.


My treatments generally focus on two things; restoration and prevention. When a client comes to me with a skin care concern, my first objective is to restore their skin to a time when they were happy with it. I start by using products and services known to help the problem they are facing. Throughout this process you may have a few different skin concerns, but we can only tackle at one, so we’ll treat one concern before we treat the next.


Once I’ve worked with a client to restore their skin, then I focus on preventing these issues and more from occurring in the future. Depending on the circumstances, I will recommend preventative products and services to a client alongside restorative efforts. Again, each client is different so I make this decision on a case by case basis.

Trust the Process

When you work with a professional Esthetician, you need to be ready to trust their process! If they have experience they will have worked to develop their own approach skin care just as I have done. As my practice has grown and I’ve continued to advance my education, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I’ve learned how to help clients pin point problems and address them. So, trust the process and you’ll get results!

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