My rule on skin care products

Trust the Process: My Rule On Skin Care Products

If you’re considering coming to Luxe for skin care services, you should know that I don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” solution to skin care.  While there are baseline treatment suggestions, how I treat one client may be completely different from how I treat another based on what I uncover during my initial skin analysis.   

The same goes for skin care products.  Every product used by my clients is part of a treatment plan.  I customize both in-studio treatments and at-home skin care regimes on an individual basis.     

With that said, whenever I see commercials or advertisements for mainstream acne products I cringe.  Sure, it’s accessible and affordable but it’s not the answer for everyone. In fact for some people, the ingredients in these products could actually make their acne worse without them even realizing the exact product they bought to HELP, is hurting them.  The same holds true for anti-aging products or any other product line that claims to improve your skin. 

This is why I don’t work with clients that don’t use my products.  

Why Using My Products is a Non-Negotiable 


I have researched and curated effective professional topical skin care products that deliver results.  The product lines we work with are made with results driven ingredients in small batches for maximum quality and efficacy. With department or drug store brands, most of the money used to bring them to market is spent on packaging and marketing, with little going towards the research and development side of creating a high-quality product.  They are creating products for the masses that sit on shelves for months, maybe even years.   


On the topic of ingredients, before I bring a product in to my studio, I thoroughly research the ingredients.  If I don’t already know, I learn how the ingredients workwhy they are needed and if they would be damaging to the skin.  I also determine who can and who can not benefit from using it.   

This due diligence should be done with every product you’re putting on your skin but that doesn’t usually happen when you’re buying from a big box store.   

When I don’t know what products you’re using at home and how they are impacting your skin, I can’t accurately treat you in the studio.   


Which leads me to the next reason I don’t work with people that don’t use my products and that is results! With my acne and anti-aging programs, using any devices and products that aren’t approved, will only hurt your skin and our relationship. I want to ensure that I am able to perform my services, safely and professionally all while getting you the results you hoped for which can only be done when you’re using the right products 

The Bottom Line 

Most people come to me because they are trying to achieve something they aren’t getting from other products or services.  If you really want to see results, trusting me, my knowledge and my process is imperative.    

When a new client comes to me, I don’t just jump into treatments, I start every relationship with a thorough skin care analysis.  What I find during my analysis, determines how I proceed.  During an analysis, I not only learn about your current skin care regime, but I also determine your skin’s sensitivity, dehydration level, acne type and more. With all of these factors in mind, I develop a treatment plan.   


My treatment plans generally focus on two things; restoration and prevention.  When a client comes to me with a skin care concern, the first step is to restore their skin to a time when they were happy with it.  This is done with a combination of in-studio treatments and at-home skin care products that I carefully curate based on your goals.   


Once I’ve worked with a client to restore their skin, then I focus on preventing these issues and more from occurring in the future.  Again, this is accomplished with in-studio treatments and at-home skin care products that will likely be adjusted as we make progress with your skin.   

It’s not a “pick one product and use it for the rest of your life” type thing.  The skin care products you use are something that should be reviewed and evaluated regularly for maximum benefits.  

Trust the Process 

After reading this post, I hope you can see that my process is much more involved than just doing facials.  Before you even step into my studio, I’ve been working to educate myself and find the best and most effective products available. I’ve learned how to help clients pin point problems and address them.  My process is thorough, and it delivers so please plan to use my products if you’d like to improve your skin at Luxe!