Your Best Brows Start Here

Your Best Brows Start Here

It all starts when you notice a few stray hairs popping up around your brows.  In a few days, you’ll probably notice hairs in your arch growing in.  At this point, I know it’s tempting to grab your tweezers and go to town in search of your best brows.  DON’T DO IT!

There is so much more to eyebrow maintenance then your tweezers can offer.  Your best brows start here with my Luxe Brow Sculpting Wax service.  Here’s how it goes.


Every signature brow sculpting service starts with a consultation. Yes, you need a consultation for a brow wax.  Why?  Because I need to know what you like.  Then we need to talk about where you’re at and where you want to be.

Finally, we’re going to figure out if getting you to where you want to be is realistic.  Perfectly sculpted, Kardashian-like eyebrows aren’t going to magically appear overnight.  It’s a process that requires expertise to execute. This is especially true if you’ve over plucked to the point where you’re drawing them in everyday!

Trim, Wax, Tweeze

Once we’ve got a game plan, I’ll get to work on trimming, waxing and tweezing your eyebrows.  We’ll do this in a way that cleans up your brows as they are today BUT starts working towards the beautifully sculpted brows you want to have! Your best brows are at Luxe Skin Care

Not a fan of wax?  Not a problem.  I can do this whole process with sugar too.

Last Step

You know all those beautiful brows you see celebrities sporting?  Here’s a secret…they are enhanced with really great makeup!  So, to perfect your brows, I end each session with brow makeup application.  Using makeup, we can fill in bare spots and create a distinct shape that compliments your facial features.

It may take a few sessions of growing and sculpting to finally achieve your desired results but we can get there!  Beautifully sculpted eyebrows don’t happen by nature.  They take maintenance, expertise and the right makeup to perfect.

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