Skin Health Regimen

Your Core Four to Building Your Skin Health Regimen

Skinvestment (noun): The action or process of investing time and money with the expectation of achieving healthy and glowing skin for the future.

Building a skin health regimen starts by focusing on the core four!  The core four are your non-negotiable products.  These are products that are going to help you reverse unwanted skin challenges by rebuilding your skin’s barrier, addressing your skin’s unique needs AND working towards noticeable improvement.

When it comes to skin care, there is no one size fits all solution.  What works for one client, may not work for another so it’s important to let me help you figure out what products will work best for you.  I don’t want to add products your bathroom counter.  I want to help you simplify your skin health regimen to only include the products you need to get results.

So, what is the Core Four I’m talking about? It’s 4 must-have products that are formulated to maintain a strong and healthy skin barrier, which is the foundation of keeping many skin conditions at bay and it’s all starts with the right cleanser.  Let me introduce you to the Core Four team.

1. Off to a Clean Start

Your healthy skin regimen should start with a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin or irritate it. Hydra Cleanse is a popular option with my clients. Hydra Cleanse

It’s a non-pore clogging cream cleanser is excellent for all skin types defending against environmental stressors and promoting a healthy skin barrier.  I purposefully made thise formula so it’s gentle and anti-inflammatory which means it will sooth while removing all traces of makeup and debris.

Clients with rosacea-prone skin love this one!

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2. Drench, Plump & Sooth

Next, we need to lock in moisture with a serum. Hydra Restore is my go-to serum.Hydra Restore  It’s a luxurious, light, silky serum that is packed with powerful ingredients to provide your skin with hydration, healing and soothing.   It’s great for all skin types and pairs well with my next recommendation, Hydra Moist.

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3. Nourish & Replenish

After applying your serum, it’s time to nourish and replenish your skin with the right moisturizer. Hydra MoistHydra Restore followed by Hydra Moist is my favorite combo. Hydra Moist is mymost popular light-weight cream moisturizer that is packed with superstar ingredients like copper & zinc peptides to reduce inflammation & redness, address scaring and promote skin healing for rosacea and acne-prone skin. I went a few steps further with additional peptides for age management to help improve texture, firmness, elasticity and promote collagen production. Great for all skin types & conditions.

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4. Protect Your Investment

The final product in the Core Four is SPF!  Think of SPF as the product that protects your skinvestment!  Prime DefenseSPF is your shield against age-accelerating UV damage. Prime Defense is my go-to SPF because it’s a non-greasy, sheer, tinted facial mineral sunscreen that offers an elegant sun protection with a matte finish. You layer it under your makeup making for a great foundation primer. It’s great for all skin types and free from pore clogging ingredients.

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To recap, the Core Four products everyone should have in their healthy skin regimen are:

  • Cleanser
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF

The products mentioned above are my favorites and must have’s from the Luxe Skin Care line.  All are available on my site.  Now, as I said, skin care products are usually not one size fits all so if you’ve tried products without the right results, have a skin care graveyard on your bathroom counter or are overwhelmed by how many options there are, let me help you simplify things for you.

Contact me for product recommendations before you spend another dime trying to figure it out on your own!